The Hawaii Diaries: Day 6 – Snorkelling in Maui, Hawaii

Day 6: 19th October 2012 – Maui

We did one of the boat’s snorkelling tours today. Given that Ben and I were two of about 20 people under 30 on the boat (and the only single people in seemed). We hoped not too many would come, but there was about 100 and most of them were older Americans who had problems swimming let alone snorkelling…

Ben and I a bit apprehensive about diving into the deep blue sea

Ben and I a bit apprehensive about diving into the deep blue sea

The first stop was a crater Island called Molokini. It is crater shaped and apparently half of a rim of an underwater crater but our guides told us this wasn’t the case and it was actually from lava flow. Either way, it was like a big rock in the middle of nowhere and we just jumped off the boat and snorkelled which was pretty intense given my severe fear of sharks. It was worth getting the heart racing though as I saw 1000’s of fish, eels and even an octopus.

Photo courtesy of

Molokini Crater

Our next stop was turtle cove which was another jump off the boat in deep ocean but seeing huge turtles and swimming only a metre from themmade it worthwhile. It was such an amazing and educational day and certainly one of my favourite on the trip.

Photo Courtesy of

Turtle Cove

The girls working on the boat were so passionate about their cause (saving whales and educating the public about marine life). They made the enjoyable trip even more enjoyable.

We watched a good show on the boat that night: Lights, camera & action

– Wish you were here xx

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